Featured Article from DOS1 Employee


Proud to be a DOS1 Agent during and after Calls!
by: April Rose M. Fu


In the corporate world that we are in today, call centers are the most prevalent one. DOS1 aims to provide cost-efficient and valuable front office outsourcing solutions that complement and enhance your company’s value proposition. DOS1’s knowledge has been acquired from a diverse pool of hardworking individuals from practical experience reaped from working with a wide range of clients across industries. At DOS1, we don’t just deliver off-the-shelf solutions. Our approach is simple: creative strategic tele-communications based solutions that can be implemented across every medium to meet the needs of your clients. Is this statement familiar??? I know it is because it’s from our website www.dos1.com.ph. So, for those of you who havent visited our website, try googling over so you’ll have a head stop of what’s in and out of our company.
As a Business Process Outsourcing company, our responsibility doesn’t just stop from receiving or doing outbound calls. Our main task is to provide quality service to our clients who outsource on us. It’s not merely getting off the phone and then..”poof! job’s done”. Our commitment is to represent the company we outsource and reflect EXCELLENCE in whatever we do. We, Filipinos being blessed with a multilingual capacity and one of the best english-speaking countries in the world have been booming in this kind of business.
But what makes us stand out is that, we don’t just provide good service to our external customers, but also to our internal customers. Who are our internal customers? It’s our co-workers, team mates, team leaders, q.a., supervisors and our head management. We just don’t develop rapport with customers but also establish relationships among our co-employees. Isn’t it wonderful to be working and having fun at the same time. It’s like playing while earning money. Our relationship among our colleagues inside our offices, beyond our work stations have really blossomed into friendship that makes our work, rather much enjoyable.
Indeed, DOS1 provides good business to their clients whom they outsource and also to US, because of the personal and career growth that it gives and offers to all its employees. As for me, I’m proud to be a DOS1 Agent because I know that we excel in quality in building relationship during and after our CALLS!


By: April Rose Fu


DOS 1 Agent is what I am called
And I want to be here until I grow old
Integrity and dedication were being molded
And we, employees cannot be divided
My co-agents were my peers
Whom I can count on all through the years
We are working towards a vision
And that’s to exceed our clients’ expectation
Here at DOS 1, we are United
And now, you are invited
To share our experiences
In finding your true happiness
So, Ring Ring
Let’s bring out a “ding”
Ring Ring
Since, this is our Thing