Our Solutions

DOS1 focuses on innovative solutions for specific needs of its clientele, effectively integrating each solution for greater efficiency, strategic advancement and uncompromising quality. We create and develop streamlined systems and cost-saving processes that guarantee quicker return on investments, tailored and customized according to the unique needs of its clients.

Customer Support
Collections Support
Backroom Support
Events Support
System Enhancement & Development Support
Sales and Marketing Support Information Support
Help desks support

Customer Support
Challenges can only become tougher, and companies are investing more on consumer welfare to keep ahead of the competition.
DOS1 gets involved, and is quick to respond. Our responsiveness is driven by our clients’ vision because we are our clients, delivering the best possible customers’ experience.

Sales and Marketing
Products and services are diverse and available everywhere, but we assist clients to be distinct from other industry players.
DOS1 endeavours to identify more opportunities for clients to expand their consumer base, thereby increasing its profitability.

Backroom Support
As essential to frontline voice functions, the backroom support has its own demands in the business.
DOS1 is experienced in data mining, encoding, profiling and development, ensuring clients of accurate information to have sound business decisions. Other backroom functions include transcription, medical coding, manifesting and screening of supply chain and information security.

System Development and Enhancement

Total data security is a basic industry requirement, to ensure safety, reliability and availability of records when needed.
DOS1 designs comprehensive programs or CRM tools for project engagements as may be required, and assists in enhancing existing processes to further strengthen customers’ core business.
Data management at its best, DOS1 covers all files from scanning and digitization, to archiving and retrieval through cloud technology.

Collection Support
A healthy cash flow is an essential factor in business growth.
DOS1’s efficiency in collection management result to increased bottom lines for partner companies. We maintain and manage customers’ receivables as updated as possible without compromising end-customer expectations.